Advertise With Us!

Each year many local people view our webpage and attend our shows. This creates a great opportunity for you, the small business, or even large business, to put your name in front of a large, captive audience! We offer advertising opportunities in two formats.

During the course of our season more than 6000 people will view our shows and, potentially, your businesses ad! For every main stage production businesses are able to to have their ad placed in our show’s program. We offer 3 sizes of ads to meet your preferences and pocketbooks! When you purchase an ad for the program you have the choice of running it for one show, or for the entire season. Our ad choices and sizes are as follows:

Advertisement Size                           One Production                    Full Season

1/4 page                                                     $80                                              $200
2.25”wide x 4.25”tall

1/2 page                                                     $130                                            $240
5.5”wide x 4.25” tall

Full Page                                                     $225                                            $350
5.5” wide x 8.5”tall


Online Web Ads

This year, in addition to program ads, we are offering online ad space for businesses who find this to be a better option for them. Placing your ad online will get your business in front of thousands of viewers as most of our ticket are sold online through our web page! When you place your ad online we can link it to the url you provide to your website to drive potential customers straight to your business!

When you purchase an ad for the fall musical, it will run through December. If you purchase an ad for the full season, it will run through May! You will find that this is a VERY affordable price for this kind of exposure and advertising! We hope that you take advantage of this opportunity!

Our Web Page ad sizes are located in the sidebar to the right for your convenience.

**Ads will run on all “Show Pages”, the Box-Office Page, the Am Static Page, and all Event pages!

Advertisement Size                           One Production                    Full Season

130 pixels x 130 pixels                                $100                                             $200

280 pixels x 60pixels                                   $150                                             $300

280 pixels x 200pixels                                 $225                                             $400

280 pixels x 330pixels                                 $300                                             $500