Theatre II

This category will help keep the Theatre II students of LSHS up to date on activities and assignments throughout the year.


This year the Theatre 2 class will be producing the one act, THE LITTLE RED SCHOOLHOUSE, for the student directed one-acts.  The one-acts take place April 4-5 in the PAC. Mary Bronson:  Noura Aburas Mrs. Ezra Porter (Sylvia): Brooke Benne Ezra Porter: Greyson Kellis Mayberry Flutter: Ben Williamson Butch Callahan: Kyle Bailey Pewee Reis: Parker…

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Student Directed One-Act Director Applications

Important information for this years project -In order to direct you must be in or have taken at least a Theatre II class at some time, however, you do not have to currently be in a class. -Mr. Hensley will make the final determination as to who will direct. That will be based upon achievement…

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Class WTC Presentations

Prezi Presentations Below are the links to the presentations that you all gave in class. Use these as well as the handouts that each group provided to study from to prepare.

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