Theatre II

This category will help keep the Theatre II students of LSHS up to date on activities and assignments throughout the year.

World Theatre Culture Research Project

What it is The World Theatre Culture research project is a neat opportunity for you to study how theatre is done in some other part of the world that does not incorporate our own western theatre traditions. Theatre is a story telling form and with it come many ways to tell our stories. You, along…

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Student Directed One-Act Application

It’s Back! This year we will once again be hosting our student directed one-acts! This event gives us a chance to showcase our underclassmen while providing them a chance to be on stage! Upperclassmen who have are in or have been in at least the Theatre II Class may apply to direct! This is an…

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Ripped From The Headlines!

Ripped from the Headlines In this project we will dive into a bit of play writing while exploring the world of documentary theatre. What Is Documentary Theatre: Documentary Theatre is theatre that wholly or in part uses pre-existing documentary material (such as newspapers, government reports, interviews, etc.) as source material for the script, ideally without…

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