1st Duet Scenes!

And we are under way! Congratulations on approaching your first duet scene in class! This is going to be a fun and exciting project as we get to see what you as the actor can do! I’m looking forward to working with each of you on these and seeing how you progress as you do more of these throughout the year!

As you get started remember, you have through Friday to rehearse. Your schedule looks like this:

Tuesday: Lay out ground plan and begin blocking
Tuesday Night Homework: Figure out your subtext and record it on script.
Wednesday: Finish blocking and begin memorization
Wednesday Night Homework: Finish memorization of scenes.
Thursday: Work through your scenes fixing timing, building emotion, developing character.
Thursday Night Homework: Run over your scene a couple times.
Friday: Dress Rehearsals

Word of advice: Don’t put your script down for the weekend and not touch it! You need to go over it at least once a day to keep it fresh. That’s only 2-3 minutes a day! You can handle that!!

I’m looking forward to seeing your performances!

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