Theatre Parents

Who We Are

The LSHS Theatre Parent organization is a group of parents that are dedicated to helping to make our students theatre experiences here the absolute best that they can be. Our parents play a huge role by providing meals when we have long rehearsals, annually helping to provide items that the department is in need of, chaperoning activities & trips, selling concessions at our shows, assisting in purchasing the awards given at the end of the year, holding an annual silent auction to raise funds & so much more.

This group is open to any parent of a student involved with a theatre class, production, or those that just want to jump in and help out! In fact, you don’t even have to have a student involved for you to help–we take all the help we can get!  The more parents that participate in this supportive group, the more that can be done to lift up our department to help maintain our level of excellence that we strive for.


The mission of the LSHS Theatre Parent’s organization is to provide volunteer and financial support to Lee’s Summit High School’s Theatre arts department and its students through the purchase of goods/materials for the department, scholarships, meals, production assistance, travel and more.


Every LSHS student has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of theatre.


The LSHS Theatre Parent group meets once a month during the school year and these are the easiest way to get involved and get the information you need to find out how you can help! Meetings start at 6:30PM in the theatre classroom.

What we do

As the booster support group for the theatre department, there are many ways that we provide support. Some examples include: Purchasing items needed/wanted for the department, providing scholarships, sewing costumes, chaperoning activities, fundraising, providing meals to casts and crews, hosting meals for the Cappies, and more.

To help provide the funds to be able to do these things we host different fundraising events throughout the year. These events may include: Our annual silent auction and raffle, selling concessions at each of the shows, fundraiser nights at local restaurants and more!

You can be a part

We are always in need of help throughout the entire year! There are many ways in which you can contribute to helping support our department and our students.  From donating or gathering donations for our silent auction, to helping to cook meal, to helping build costumes, there are many ways you can help. For more information please attend our meetings to get more information!