Student Directed One-Act Director Applications

Important information for this years project

-In order to direct you must be in or have taken at least a Theatre II class at some time, however, you do not have to currently be in a class.
-Mr. Hensley will make the final determination as to who will direct. That will be based upon achievement in class, dependability, trustworthiness, and preparation as exhibited by your answers on this form.
-Deadline to submit this form is December 3, 2013
-Auditions are tentatively set for December 9th, 2013. The reason for the “tentative” nature is due to Mr. Hensley not knowing exactly when new little baby Hensley will arrive, thus possibly throwing the schedule off 🙂
-All primary directors are expected to be at their auditions, they must not send someone in their place.
-All shows MUST have an audition
-Rehearsals: The director must turn in a rehearsal schedule before the first rehearsal for approval. If the director is going to rehearse at a private home then an approval form must be signed by all cast and crew that might attend. No rehearsals may be held at a private home if the parents of the director or cast/crew member are not present.
-Mr. Hensley reserves the right to cancel the performance of any one-act play that does not meet the basic standards of stage-worthiness
-All plays must be edited for content and language. Mr. Hensley will confer with each individual director about this matter.
-Directors may have an assistant director, however, they may only be an assistant. You are the director of your show and therefore must do the bulk of the work. If this is not what I see, your show sill be pulled.
-All shows need to be approximately 20 minutes or less. Special permission must be obtained for any director wishing to direct a show that exceeds this limit. Any show not following this rule will be pulled.

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